Service Evolution Fund 1

Service Evolution Fund 1 is a highly targeted fund which invests behind a specific strategy of finding great marketing services companies and helping them unlock their “product” potential through better data asset development, application of technologies for front or back-room improvement, sales effectiveness, and marketing impact.

The Fund seeks to invest in companies with a 5+- year track record of creating great value for blue-chip clients, stable annual revenue streams in the range of $5M to $25M, and great ideas for how they might take their knowledge and talents and evolve them into a more “productized” offering to create more value for clients and shareholders alike.

We are particularly interested in companies in areas like:

  • Customer experience consulting and analytics
  • Specialty research and data/reporting
  • Marketing effectiveness consulting and analytics
  • Forecasting and behavioral economics
  • Social media data collection and analysis
  • Mobile marketing data/analytics and app development
  • Advertising production and talent cost management
  • Media auditing
  • Agency compensation management
  • CRM and customer loyalty consulting and analysis
  • Sales operations effectiveness and training

Our goal is to help services entrepreneurs unlock higher levels of shareholder value by accelerating top line revenue growth AND by significantly improving gross profits through the smart application of data and technology. To do so, we will invest $1M to $3M in smart growth plans and help raise more through our network of complementary investors if necessary.

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