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Growth Calculus is led by a team of experienced executives and investors drawn together by a common appreciation for the focus and discipline involved in finding effective growth pathways. Between us, there’s more than 50 years of experience running and growing companies, and making investments that provide exceptional returns to fellow shareholders. Our areas of special expertise include:

  • Growth strategy – finding the whitespace and tapping into unmet needs in the marketplace
  • Product/solution development – combining services with data and technology to create high-value (and high margin) offerings
  • Packaging and pricing – knowing how to bundle and unbundle elements of the value proposition and how to price them create long-term recurring revenue relationships
  • Sales effectiveness – hiring, training, and managing sales teams to create strong and growing pipelines of opportunity
  • Marketing effectiveness – finding the most compelling messages and getting the right message to the right audiences to generate high quality leads in the most cost efficient ways
  • Process improvement – working with teams to concentrate efforts in the most efficient ways to get maximum leverage from every payroll and expense dollar
  • Exit Strategies – assessing the landscape and devising strategies to increase the likelihood of successful shareholder value realization

Pat LaPointe

Managing Partner

Pat has helped build three successful companies and sold each of them to deliver strong returns to shareholders. In each case he built effective teams and concentrated resources on the few things that created the most value for customers, and thereby for investors. He has worked directly with C-level leaders at over 200 of the Fortune 500 companies, and with dozens of growth-company CEOs to help them find smarter strategies for growth. He is a well-known expert in building growth strategies using analytics, research, and data strategies, as well as in sales and marketing leadership. He holds and MBA from Stern School at NYU, and a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University in Montreal.
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Kathy Bachmann

Managing Partner

Kathy has great depth of experience building and running teams of several hundred people and growing P&L’s from a few million to $100M+ through better product development, sales effectiveness, marketing, and client services leadership. She was head of corporate marketing at Quest Diagnostics; held strategic planning executive roles at American Express, Merrill Lynch, and Intel; and trained as a consultant at AT Kearney. She has an MBA from Wharton and a Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio State University.
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