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About Growth Calculus

Growth Calculus is a different kind of investment firm. We infuse growth capital and hands-on consulting expertise to catapult growth and achieve new levels of valuation. The founders are successful business operators and consultants who know how to help entrepreneurs overcome challenges that impede growth.

We’re growing our team of consultants to work with our Service Evolution Fund portfolio companies to plan and execute growth strategies for accelerated results. These privately held companies are not startups – they have been successfully operating for years with revenues up to $30MM. They are specialized marketing services companies in the U.S. or Canada with an opportunity to productize internal/external capabilities leveraging data, analytics and/or technology for greater scale and growth trajectories. See more about Growth Calculus and the companies we work with at (Note: URL included for easy reference if shared)

About the role & opportunity

The Executive Director, Strategic Growth Consultant plays a vital role in scaling and growing our portfolio companies. This is a unique opportunity for someone who is quick to find opportunities to improve the fundamentals of a business and see the white space for new opportunities leveraging data, analytics and technology to transform businesses. In this role, you get to work on 3-4 very different projects (in varying life stages) simultaneously with different industries/competitive sets while maintaining long-term (2-3 year) relationships with clients. It’s not the kind of role where you work intensely for a few months and leave a deck behind for others to ‘maybe’ figure out. Along with the managing partners, you will be building a whole new kind of consulting team, operating in some of the most dynamic and fast-growing sectors of the marketing ecosystem.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn multiple specialized industries within marketing services, define their concrete growth plans, help launch a portfolio of new products, improve operations, improve management decision controls, and more. You’ll help to build and develop a team of functional experts and over time, have the potential to become a partner in a very unique consulting firm fusing growth capital with human capital.

Opportunities for financial reward come with achieving growth and profit gains with Portfolio Companies and ultimately, benefitting from the rewards of increased value with strategic exits (sharing in the Carried Interest).


Work with client teams at multiple Portfolio Companies at various stages:

  • Evaluate investment opportunities, completing a thorough due diligence process by conducting leadership team interviews, analyzing key information and reading the intangibles to determine where great opportunities meet our threshold for wise Fund investments
  • Define each Portfolio Company’s strategic growth plan within 60-90 days after initial funding (primary role). You’ll work with Portfolio Companies to identify and size the right market opportunities, with the best target segments, and fit the future product to market needs.
    • Lay out clearly and succinctly the opportunities to productize offerings leveraging data, analytics and/or technology.
    • At the same, identify ways to improve business fundamentals in marketing/demand generation, sales effectiveness, and operating efficiencies that help drive revenue and improve margins. This is the primary aspect of the role.
  • Prepare them for subsequent funding to fuel growth plan execution.
    • Estimate capital needs, develop resourcing and execution plans
    • Package the company’s growth playbook for investor presentations and assist with other materials for investor communications (i.e., video, deck, abstract)
    • Coach CEOs on presentation delivery
  • Continue to work with Portfolio Company clients to drive transformational initiatives, ensure solid measurement to track progress, and help course-correct as we get reads on the impact of programs initiated
  • After years of enhancing value, work with managing partners on strategic exit plans

Beyond consulting to portfolio companies, you’ll also help us build and grow the firm. These may be some of the areas:

  • Enhance materials used for communicating with prospective investors and/or portfolio companies
  • Help source deal opportunities by staying up-to-date on the marketing services landscape and players
  • Refine our due diligence process and analytical frameworks
  • Help define additional playbooks for our team to leverage with clients
  • Hire, train, mentor and coach talent
  • Help nurture our firm’s culture through playful and serious forms of recognition, team-building, traditions, etc.
  • Source external specialized talent to assist Growth Calculus or to recommend to Portfolio Companies
  • Develop Portfolio company progress/success stories to share with current/prospective investors

An example to help bring the role to life

Our Service Evolution Fund is uniquely in the business of helping successful marketing services companies envision, define, develop, and launch “productized” offerings. As a product management expert, you get to help these services companies take existing deep and rich knowledge and transform it into data- and software-driven “products”.

Take an example of a company focused on agency compensation audits. They have a team of consultants working with Fortune 500 brand advertisers to review and audit agency contracts. They’ve amassed a wealth of data and knowledge over the years about appropriate fees for services, quality ratings, etc. However, this data exists in silos, disparate databases, Excel workbooks and the minds of the consultants. You get to frame up the “product” opportunity to bring greater value to the advertisers while simultaneously scaling and improving efficiency of the agency audit company. You’ll also define a play-by-play set of top priorities to strategically grow the company, size up the capital needs, and compel investors to further support the company’s growth. By productizing the assets, you’ll help this company transform its offerings and move into higher value delivery.

The right fit for you & Growth Calculus?

It’s important to find the right cultural fit and lifestyle fit. Here’s some info we thought you’d find helpful in considering if this opportunity is right for you.

  • Unrelenting focus on Portfolio Company growth and value – pragmatically work on what matters and will yield the result desired
  • Innovation mindset – incorporating new ideas as well as known approaches in new ways
  • Work independently and as part of a small, growing team of Growth Calculus experts – where each person confidently and competently brings their knowledge and expertise in their field
  • Work across a small portfolio of clients simultaneously
  • Bring your authentic self – no corporate B.S.; real people doing great work with hand-picked clients that show promising upside
  • Flexibility – we’re even open to highly available contractors, rather than just full-time employees


  • Growth Calculus is in NY/NJ and Bozeman, Montana
    • Slight preference for candidates to be in the New York city area
    • Open to any U.S. location
  • Our clients are throughout the U.S. and Canada. We do not have dedicated desks at our client sites – we travel to client sites with purpose/meetings to accomplish. Time spent on-site with clients will vary by stage of the relationship, too. Assume about 2-3 trips per month or about 30-50% travel

Candidate profile – skills & qualifications

  • First and foremost, must have a track record of helping companies achieve aggressive growth goals
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Must be eligible to work in the U.S.; no visa sponsorship
  • Seasoned professional: minimum 10 years’ professional work experience in multiple companies/environments – agility is a key trait
  • Blend of cross-functional knowledge: strategy, finance, product management, sales effectiveness, marketing
  • Management consulting or client services roles. Able to assertively handle situations of what is in the scope of the Growth Calculus team vs. the client internal team
  • Network of talent – knows great resources to hire or contract to execute growth plans
  • Highly familiar with the marketing services ecosystem (research, analytics, customer experience, CRM, campaign management, etc.)
  • Can effectively drive change with cross-functional teams (i.e., technology, client services, sales, marketing, finance, HR, etc.)
  • Operates at a high level of productivity in a variety of cultural environments
  • Able to truly focus on what will drive the right results. What you build will be very visible; course-correct rapidly for greater success
  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills and applying them to tee up logical decisions for smart investments. Proficient in quickly & accurately sizing opportunities
  • Great communicator. Readily uses frameworks to crystallize thinking and share ideas


Join our growing team! Interesting and interested people, please apply: Send us a note with an example of how you’ve defined and driven growth plans with material results, along with your resume/CV.

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