General Overview

When it comes to growth, “hope” is not a strategy.

Every business needs to grow. Growing businesses attract and retain better talent, more customers, and better channel partners. They incur lower costs-of-sale and get better productivity per dollar of payroll and expense, thereby producing better margins.

So in a world of so many brilliant ideas and boundless creativity, why is it so hard for most companies to grow faster? The answers are surprisingly simple. Most growth efforts fail not due to lack of ideas, but because either

  • The strategy for growth was wrong given the timing and context of the marketplace
  • The execution was faulty, maybe because the core team lacked some of the specific skills and experience to implement the plan effectively the first time
  • There wasn’t enough capital available to reach a critical mass threshold of change

Growth Calculus brings the two key elements companies need to make growth less like trying to catch lightning in a bottle and more like a systematic path to success.

  1. The capital to ensure that investments can be made in the most effective way and at a level sufficient to bring about the change both entrepreneurs and their customers want to see.
  2. The expertise to help the management team get it right, faster. We’re experts in helping with growth strategy and execution. We can’t eliminate the iterative learning process entirely, but we can accelerate it to get to real marketplace results sooner.

As investors, we’re creative and flexible in how we work with our portfolio company partners. We can use a broad array of equity, options, warrants, and debt to find the solution that works best for our investors and the CEOs. We’ll find the way to get the capital and expertise to work to grow the business with minimal disruption to how the CEO likes to run the company.

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