Catching Lightning in a Bottle

Marketing breakthroughs can drive substantial growth, but you might be better off buying a lottery ticket. 

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Does More Ad Spend Drive Growth?

Coca Cola plans to up its $1-billion-plus marketing budget by at least another $1 billion. Do they have some secret growth formula?

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CMOs: Send THIS to Your CFO (Anonymously)

How to gain more productive insights into marketing’s impact on growth. Attention, all finance executives seeking to understand how (or if) marketing investments drive growth: Image you arrive home one evening to find something in the house broken or missing, if you ask your kids, “Who broke this?” or, “Who took my <whatever>?” you are […]

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3 Ways CFOs can help marketing drive growth faster

          It’s no secret. Finance and marketing are oil and water. They don’t mix well. Finance is often perceived to have onerous authority over budgets, plus audit/oversight responsibility. As a result, the journey toward better insight into marketing payback often gets derailed from the start when finance asks what it believes […]

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Shining Your Grow-Light in Dark Corners

Big Data and analytics unlock the truth about marketing’s impact on growth. Measuring the impact of marketing on revenue (or profit) growth has always been a delicate balance of science and common sense.  We need the science to keep common sense from devolving into conventional wisdom.  We need the common sense to guide our application […]

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